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Herbalife Shake Review — Magic or Crap?, MY FAT LOSS PROGRAM
Herbalife Product Ranges
Boasting a customer base of multiple millions around the world, as well as dozens of products to choose from; Herbalife have redefined the nutrition industry over the past few years. With a huge customer satisfaction rate, the brand have gone from strength to strength and look set to do so well in to the future. But who are Herbalife, what do they do, and what do their products offer?
Getting to Know Herbalife
As their name would suggest, Herbalife provide herbal products. These products are available in a range of flavours and consumption options; and they have been specially formulated to tackle particular requirements, such as weight loss, sports nutrition and health supplements.
Core Products
One of Herbalife’s most popular ranges are their Core products. These products have been scientifically developed to provide particular vitamins and minerals to a person’s daily eating regime. The first is their Healthy Nutritional Shake Mix. These shakes are in powder form, and they can be added to water, milk or other consumable liquid. The formula provides a range of vitamins and minerals. Their Multivitamin Complex is in tablet form, and provides the full recommended daily allowance of vitamins and minerals.
Weight Management
The range of weight control products from Herbalife boast one of their highest success rates, and more and more customers are turning to them on a yearly basis. Customers can choose between low calorie snacks, protein shakes, hunger-decreasing formulas and even specific eating programs. These programs can help to reduce weight by eliminating the consumption of fatty foods within diets, as well as providing a healthy alternative to many modern foods.
Targeted Nutrition
In this day and age, nutrition is a priority – and not just for fitness enthusiasts either. Herbalife’s Targeted Nutrition can make the ideal accompaniment to a nutritional lifestyle, and customers will get to choose from a range of products to target their particular requirements. From heart health and women’s health, all the way to immune health and stress management – the brand have pulled out all of the stops to provide no fewer than 8 nutritional categories, each of which include their own products to suit specific requirements.
Energy and Fitness
Whether you are planning on hitting the gym and maximising your muscle growth, or if you’d prefer to increase your energy levels so that you can stay energised throughout the day; the Energy and Fitness products from Herbalife are second to none. Customers get to choose from exclusively developed Herbalife24 products, or choose from the broader range of Energy and Fitness consumables that can assist with general energy.
These are just a few of the product ranges that Herbalife provide, and you’ll find the full range by visiting their website. The brand have been responsible for changing millions of lives around the world, and you could be a part of it today too, so don’t hesitate.


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